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IMDB Top 25 Ranking   #9

Hidden Fortress
dir: Akira Kurosawa
1958  Japan  action/ drama/ comedy

shown April  2002

First UK Film Society screening of new BFI print, fresh from February's NFT season.

'Lighter in tone than his other samurai adventures, but no less rewarding, this is the film George Lucas based Star Wars on. Shame he didn't borrow Kurosawa's editing skills too.'    Guardian Unlimited

'The comedy co-exists with a dark view of life's brevity, and Kurosawa devises exhilarating setpieces and captivating images. Arthouse classics aren't usually as welcoming and entertaining as this.'    Peter Bradshaw: The Guardian

'The awesome Seven Samurai (Sichinin no Samurai) became The Magnificent Seven. The violent Yojimbo was ripped off repeatedly for Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns. And another of his samurai epics, The Hidden Fortress, released here by the BFI in a sharp new print, was the inspiration for Star Wars.....'  More from netribution

"The Hidden Fortress" effortlessly intertwines action, drama, and comedy in the story of a defeated general, Rokurota (Mifune), who is charged with guarding a princess as she flees to safety during the Japanese clan wars of the 16th century. More from the BBC Review

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