Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream

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The End of Suburbia was screened at The Slade Centre, Gillingham on April 11th 2006.
Damian Brothers facilitated the post screening discussion. This is his follow-up list of links.


Powerswitch.org.uk is dedicated to raising awareness & discussion of the impending & permanent decline of cheap oil & gas supply, the consequences of which will affect every corner of our lives.Established in Autumn 2004, we aim to instil the will into society to make the hard choices that will be necessary over the next two decades to provide the energy for a civilisation currently facing the end of the oil age and build a lasting and sustainable legacy for all following generations.

PS has a great two minute flash animation that introduces fossil fuel depletion and its consequences:

And there is a vibrant forum for discussion of consquences, news events, preparations and campaigns:

Other sites:
Introduction - http://www.wolfatthedoor.org.uk/
News - http://www.energybulletin.net/index.php
Metadirectory - http://www.drydipstick.com/



Damian has set up a Yahoo group with the intention of putting and keeping Dorset 'peakniks' in touch:


The excellent final panel session from the Fuelling the Future 2005 Conference in Kinsale was also shown.
The participants in that discussion were:

Colin Campbell  http://www.peakoil.ie
Richard Heinberg http://www.museletter.com
David Holmgren http://www.holmgren.com.au
Quentin Gargan http://www.ardnashee.com
Eamon Ryan TD http://www.eamonryan.ie
Richard Douthwaite http://www.feasta.org
Duncan Stewart http://www.rte.ie/tv/ecoeye
Rob Hopkins http://www.fuellingthefuture.org

The DVD of the Fuelling the Future conference is available from Rob's site and is highly recommended.


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