Dir. Petter Naess
 88 mins

shown November 2004

Academy Award Nominee 2002 
Best Foreign Film

"Top rating at BFFS SW viewing session and  recommended by us as a must-see." GB/PS

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Two middle-aged men - skittish Elling and boisterous Kjell - are released from state care and have to learn to cope in society.

"Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2002 Oscars and set for a US remake by Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street production company, "Elling" is the gentle tale of two mentally disturbed Norwegians struggling to make their way in the world.....a good-natured comedy in which eccentricity is something to be cherished, not shunned." Neil Smith, BBCi

"This is a likeable odd-couple comedy from Norway, whose director Petter Naess shows a pleasingly light touch " Peter Bradshaw, Guardian/ Observer

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