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shown November  2002

Mike Hodges was born in Bristol in 1932 and directed his best known film, Get Carter (with Michael Caine) in 1971.

A struggling author (Clive Owen) uses his father's connections to get a job running a roulette wheel at a casino. Soon he meets a woman (Alex Kingston) who seduces him and then encourages him to join her associates in a robbery scheme. 


"For once here is a British film that is both tough and intelligent, and so well-researched that it will probably tell you more about how casinos work than had it been a documentary."
-- George Perry, BBC NEWS

"Croupier is a stylish, riveting dramatic crime story, loaded to the gills with subtext, character development, and plot twists you'll be puzzling over all night."
-- Greg Dean Schmitz, UPCOMINGMOVIES.COM

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