The Barbarian Invasions
Dir. Denys Arcand
 99 mins

shown September 2004

Best Foreign Language Film 
2004 Academy Awards

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Denys Arcand  was struggling to write a script about the problems of the new century and impending death when it occurred to him that he should reunite the group of French-Canadian intellectuals, all of them lapsed Catholics in their thirties, who appeared in The Decline of the American Empire, the 1986 movie that made his reputation. 

A man dying of cancer tries to find peace and reconciliation with his estranged son, ex-wife and old friends

"Warm, wise and witty, The Barbarian Invasions is a beautiful film" Nev Pierce, BBCi

"A bleak, funny film about death, decay and change.....The film has an intelligent interest in ideas rare in the cinema.." 
Philip French, Observer