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Yvonne Morton

Fibre artist Yvonne Morton is perhaps best known for her colourful cutback technique with emphasis on symbolism and world religions. Her solo exhibition at The Slade Centre in Gillingham, Dorset featured her latest work based upon research into African cultural identities and, in particular informed by the strong symbolic language of the Kuba tribes of the Congo.

The Kuba people are renowned for their intricate cut-pile raphia cloth known as 'Kasai' velvet. The designs echo the patterns on the wood engravings, basketwork and scarifications on their bodies.

Yvonne's studies include ritual dance skirts. These are worn at special ceremonies and are made up of panels of the finest raphia cloth, woven by the men and embroidered with applique shapes by the women. the designs on these pieced panels interweave and then disintegrate into haphazard pattern.

In a deliberate departure from her established work, Yvonne makes her fibre cloth of raphia, silk, flax and muslin, with the addition of hand and machine stitch. Using a restrained colour palette, loose pattern contrasts with larger areas of rest.
Slade Centre